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Wish you didn't that many movies in your collection? Fed up with the chaos and mess in your movie collection? Chins up! ;) Organizing movies has got a lot easier!

Organize movies automatically

High-tech movie collecting software is going to bring order to your collection and organize movies in an easy and quick way! Since such software picks up info from online movie databases, you won't have to enter any data about the movies. Everything is downloaded automatically within seconds. Besides, you can choose the online database in your native language. The software is available in many languages, including rare ones. It's really very convenient, since many users would like to have movie info in the original language and in this case it's virtually indispensable.

Not sure where exactly your movies are located?

No problems! Once you've added movies to the collection and specified the location, you'll be able to start your movies directly from the program without rushing around your hard drive searching for them. If you want to enjoy yourself and spend some time watching movies, you can set the playlist - the order in which movies are going to start - and that's it!

Organize Movies - Main window screenshot Organize Movies - virtual shelf view Organize Movies - Thumbnails view

Need info about actors and directors?

All My Movies gives you a great chance to pick up info about all the cast when organizing movies. There's actually a special 'Persons' directory which accumulates all this info. So, a single program allows you to have two databases: movie database and actors' database! Moreover, when you browse a movie card and want some brief information about an actor, you just left-click it and a pop-up window comes up having the actor's photo and brief biography details. As simple as that!

Got a 2000+ movie collection?

I guess it's getting hard to manage it, right? All My Movies has got a brilliant solution! This movie organizing software offers advanced sorting and grouping options. Choose any possible criterion and filter it by this criterion. There are also quick filters offered as well. Besides, using this software you can easily find any movie by a number of criteria! That makes organizing movies really fast and fun! Need to add personal marks and flags? You're welcome to not only add marks, but also sort the collection by them. For example, you want to see only "Your favourites" or "Just added", etc.

Wish to share you collection with friends?

There's nothing easier with All My Movies! The program has great functionality. It allows you to export and import your collection into all possible formats. Besides, the latest version of the software offers you network access to the database - so, you set the password to your database and can have access to it from a number of computers. If you often lend movies to friends, the program will remind you when the movies are going to be back! The loan manager is a great help really!

So, don't hesitate - organize movies today! Try All My Movies for free right now! It's really worth it!